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Rotary Products

Over one million 35002 Series Camf lex® valves have been successfully installed in a variety of process industries and applications. Today’s Camflex II continues to provide legendary dependability through a field-proven concept that remains the standard of excellence for all eccentric plug rotary control valves. The standard version includes the EF Seal (Emission Free packing) with emissions rated at less than 500 ppm up to 750,000 cycles.

The 36005 Series V-Max® High Capacity Control Ball Valve incorporates a patented dual characterized V-Ported ball to provide a unique combination of high capacity and exceptional turn down capability. Available in ANSI/ISA 75.08.02 (IEC 534-3-2) and ANSI B16.10 short pattern face to face dimensions offering flexibility to match existing installations. Three seat types are available: MN-7 soft seat offering class VI seat leakage; standard flexible metal seat and the Heavy Duty Seat providing class IV shutoff.
31000 Series
PFA Lined Products

The 31000 Series is a PFA lined control valve with an eccentric rotary plug, which provides tight shut off, low dynamic forces, and excellent control. This valve provides an excellent solution for aggressive acids that tend to cause bellows permeation problems in reciprocating designs.

Erosive Service Applications
Reciprocating Products

The 21000 Series is a single ported, heavy top-guided globe valve designed to handle a wide variety of process control applications. The 21000 Series can be provided with many optional packages, including Bellows Seals and Angle Body Designs. Trim options include low noise, anti-cavitation and soft seat trims to meet various application requirements.

Dresser Masoneilan’s versatile cage-guided 41005 Series control valve provides solutions for applications such as high pressure drop steam. This includes highly reliable, balanced trim designs for reducing noise and vibration and for containing cavitation. Various balanced seal options are available to meet a wide range of temperature and seat leakage requirements. Lo-dB cartridges or plates can also be provided to maintain low outlet velocities and minimize downstream noise.
73000 Series Sweep Angle Products

The 73000 Series valve is a sweep angle configuration for reliably throttling the most erosive process media. Available with a wide variety of engineered trim and body materials including all available high nickel, duplex, titanium, ceramic and tungsten carbide alloys.
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