Process Engineered Products

"Please join with me in welcoming Jay R. Whimpey to the ranks of outside sales for Process Engineered Products. Jay earned his Bachelor of Science Degree, University of Utah, in Chemical Engineering with an Emphasis in Digital Process Control; 1982, Cum Laude. Jay is a Licensed Professional Engineer with significant experience in specifying, designing, installing and operating control systems, instrumentation and control elements. Fifteen years of experience in operation of chemical processes and design and implementation of new processes including catalytic cracking of petroleum, distillation, coking, sulfur removal and recovery, glycol dehydration, electrochemical processes, electrodialysis, chemical conversion, chemical synthesis, separations, evaporative concentrators, crystallizations, RO, ion exchange, filtration, adsorption, biological treatment processes and control system design. Jay is experienced in a wide variety of engineering methods including mass balances, energy balances, flow calculations, pump curves, pressure-drop calculations, instrumentation and overall process and control system design."

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